Oct 11, 2011
Glass Lozano/Exos Animus "Trifecta"

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Glass Lozano/Exos Animus

Hello and welcome to the creative process behind Exos Animus my graphic novel. Here are a few samples of the work that is going on behind the scenes. I've recently run into a problem on Facebook where my designs are showing up blurry..so no more Facebook posts with this stuff.

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May 26, 2006
hello fans!

We are nearing the completion of our

album- Just working on the last song.

She Cries For Morning.


Thanks DJ Kat for playing the glass projeckt

on the air!


I recently won a cd from her by winning an online

“guess the band” contest. I was pretty amazed!


The cd is Peter Gabriel Shaking the Tree. LOL

I won it and I haven’t even listened to it yet

-Shame on me.


I will be flying out next month to Florida where

I will be recording a demo at Power Station studios

with Tobi Love. It should be fun!


The Lab Animals project is coming along

really nicely.


Well, hope you like the new blogs for the projeckt!


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